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The process of discovering Louisiana crude oil and natural gas is not alchemy which depends upon pure luck, nor is it straight science with known and predictable results.

Oil and gas discovery, and investment, involves a combination of hard data and creative interpretation. The success of an oil venture in 2013 depends upon a harmonious melding of these two ingredients.

Mission of the Company

The primary mission of OilGasTech is to discover new crude oil and natural gas fields in Louisiana and adjacent areas. The discovery of new fields each year in Louisiana, the United States, and worldwide belies the assertion that there are few remaining pools of remaining energy. OilGasTech is built on this premise. Probably the greatest factor, as in most fields of human endeavor, in determining success is new ideas.

The people associated with OilGasTech are outstandingly innovative thinkers, dedicated to serving you, our client in finding oil, and making successful investments in oil and gas fields.

Recent Developments and Articles of Interest
by J. Burton LeBlanc

Articles of Interest about Recent Oil & Gas Developments and News
by J. Burton LeBlanc
Beneath the Cortex Level: A Bit of Philosophy
And how great oil discoverers and pioneers have a trait known as pure instinct
Read the essay by J. Burton LeBlanc on LouisianaGuru.com

Stopping the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

We have submitted a proposal to the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill authorities that they consider stopping the oil flow by methods similar to nature’s method of stemming uncontrolled oil flow.  This would involve dumping limestone, solid and minute particles atop the well and perhaps salvaging a pipe interconnection for controlled flow, simulating how high pressured oil is contained underground, or by devising some heavy barrier to the flow of oil. read more...

A Good Time to Enter the Oil & Gas Business

For one who has closely followed oil exploration for some period of time, particularly in South Louisiana, the current situation there and now is mind boggling.  The bottom line is that now is the ideal time to invest in oil and gas exploration particularly in the acquisition of very prospective leases.

Our principal who was instrumental in developing a major oil field representing large landowners in the field, has had many contacts with key landowners and is in a position to acquire attractive leases at reasonable cost. There is no better time to get into the business of oil and gas exploration, and there is no better place than South Louisiana. read more...

Dropping Oil Prices Are a Good Time to Enter the Oil & Gas Business

The price of oil has dropped dramatically in the last few weeks. Contrary to popular belief this presents a great opportunity for investors in the oil and gas business.  There is no doubt that the price of oil will climb again. 

The price of oil will be dictated not by the idiosyncrasies of the market, but by fundamental necessity.  Now is an ideal time to become involved in a business which provides an essential ingredient of industrial development. read more... 

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